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What if you have concerns about content, products or services that aren't covered by ParentPort's regulators?

ParentPort has put together a Top tips for parents section which includes advice on keeping your child safe online, on their mobile, games and more.

It contains tips on everything from social networking and cyber-bullying, to parental controls and privacy and security.

It also includes links to all the sources of our advice so you can easily find out more, as well as details of who to contact if you need to report illegal or inappropriate content.

Some industries also have guidelines or Codes of Practice to help make sure that companies operate appropriately on certain issues.

You can find out more below.

Concerned that an item of children’s clothing is inappropriate?

Although shops and other retailers have to comply with many regulations, there’s no single regulator that oversees all their operations.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the leading trade association for retailers, from the large high street shops and department stores to independents, selling products through town centre, out of town, rural and virtual stores. The BRC has developed good practice guidelines for retailers on age-appropriate clothing for children.

You can find the guidance here.

The BRC advises that if you feel that a retailer who has signed up to these guidelines is not meeting their commitments, you should contact the retailer directly. Details of each retailer’s feedback procedures will be available on their website and in-store.

Concerned about other retail products?

The BRC recommends that if you’re concerned about other products that you don’t think are appropriate for children, your first step should be to speak to an assistant in the store where the item is being sold, or ask to see the store manager. If it’s a larger store or a chain, you could also write to the head office of the store to express your concerns.

Concerned about the way magazines are displayed in shops?

 A number of the organisations representing the supply and sale of magazines have worked together to develop guidance for retailers on the display of magazines that may be inappropriate for children.

The Press Distribution Forum (PDF) is one of these organisations and the guidelines can be found on the PDF’s website. Click here for the guidelines.

If you’re concerned about the way a shop has displayed magazines, your first step should be to report your concerns to the manager of the shop. If it’s a larger store or a chain, you could also try writing to the head office of the retailer to express your concerns. It’s worth mentioning the guidance and why you think the shop in question needs to be made aware of it.

Concerned about your child and alcohol products?

Portman Group logoIf you think an alcohol product is being marketed inappropriately or in a way that could appeal to your child, you can complain to the alcohol industry regulator – the Portman Group.

The Portman Group Code of Practice applies to all pre-packaged alcohol products sold or marketed in the UK and covers any activity which falls outside Ofcom or Advertising Standards Authority remit.  This includes drinks-packaging, product name, sports and music event sponsorship and point of sale materials.  It does not cover drinks brought in licensed premises.  Products which break these rules will be taken off shelves and irresponsible promotions must be withdrawn. 

You can read more about the rules and how to complain here.

Email your complaint to [email protected] or call 020 7290 1460