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Welcome to ParentPort

ParentPort is run by the UK’s media regulators. We set and enforce standards across the media to protect children from inappropriate material.

Seen or heard something unsuitable for children? Maybe it was a programme on TV or online, a film, an advert, a video game or something in a magazine. At ParentPort you can find out about the standards we expect from the media, make a complaint and share your views with us.

Tips of the day

Be careful what information you share about yourself online. The BBC’s Share Take Care site has lots of useful tips on what to avoid posting

Does your child have or use a smartphone? You can find simple tips and advice on keeping it secure here.

The UK Safer Internet Centre has a Parents’ Guide to Technologywhich provides FAQs about smartphones, instructions for setting up parental controls and a handy shopper’s checklist of important questions to ask when buying a mobile phone for your child.